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$10 a Week (Trial 2)

(post, David Silva)

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I'm not gonna lie. The effort was not all here this week. It was a busy week and I rarely had time at home to just be home, let alone cook. I did, however, enjoy the leftover beer from Cinco de Mayo.

Another Culinate-er tried the challenge as well and it worked (!!!) with the exception of her being somewhat "bored" of her eating the same thing almost every day. This, I know, can be tough. After reading Deborah Madison's new book, I realized that (with lunches in particular), I kind of fit the "guy" mold from most males she interviewed: Men tend not to mind eating a lot of the same thing. In the book, it relates more to ease, but my comfort in this is is that I know what I'm eating (though it might be three days in a row) is home-made. I do want a menu switch, but when you cook for one (and on a budget), it's just so much easier to make one mega batch of something. So the goal is: versatility.

So, listening to commented suggestion, I opted for buying tofu. You can do a lot of things with tofu. (And a BIG thank you goes out to Whole Foods for making super-cheap, store brand tofu.) 

I will preface this with "Ooops", as I didn't spend $10, but I was so SO darn close. The grand total was really about $15, but this also depends on how you toss it. The real party this week is that I made Tikka Tofu, but the jar of sauce costs $2.99, and I need additives to this base to make it work. If I already had this in the pantry, it would have been even closer to budget at about $12 something and change. And I am lucky that the discount produce bin is always full of ferociously cheap, cello-wrapped goodies. (We're talking 99ยข stuff here, folks.)

Tikka Tofu with Tandori-style Bell Peppers (made 2 batches)
Hummus (sorry, I'm ADDICTED to this stuff, but this time it's store bought) with Baby Carrots
Tofu, Tomato, and Cucumber Salad with Feta (2 batches)

The trick here is that I'm switching in between the salad and the Tikka for lunches. For dinner one night I had the rest of the hummus, so I even got a dinner out of it! Sha-ZAM! For the next $10 a Week posting I think I'm attacking the versatility of the garbanzo bean. Yes ... the wheels are turning ... do I smell falafel?