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Learning to cook... with kids

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Cooking was one of my favorite past times, tinkering around with details, making sauces, getting it perfect. Then along came kids, I have 2 daughters - one 4 yo and an 8 month old. My older daughter is an eager helper but more often than not, things take much longer or the batter was over mixed or this or that. Recently I've come to love cooking with her and taking the extra time to make something together - even if it isn't perfect. My mom always ushered us kids out of the kitchen when she was cooking. Or didn't allow us to find our own way while making something. Probably for the same reasons I did not enjoy cooking with my daughter at first - I can make it faster and better than if I let you help me. Now I'm a convert.
Our babies grow up way too fast and what a better way to spend time with each other than in the kitchen. Hopefully many years from now she will look back fondly at the days when we cooked together.