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Where Have All The Cowgirls Gone?

(post, Jenny Weber)

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Where HAVE all of the cowgirls gone? Am I missing them? A book of the collected best food writing of 2008 is edited by a woman. Stories are collected from them. Yet where are all of the ladies of the kitchen? Why are we not hearing about them except as attached to some sort of gossip column? Where are the ladies whose names are not Alice or Julia or Cat or Giada? The ladies who are not notable pioneers or pretty faces on the screen? Where are our David Chang, Daniel Barber, Jean Georges, or Daniel Boulud's of the culinary world? The ladies whose names instantly conjure images of foam or some other new invention oozing through and creating new paths to and from the kitchen and dining tables? Are we just not writing about them? Is there no interest in them? 

What do you think? Am I just ignorant (I know I am in a lot of things) and am just missing out on some fascinating women? Who are some of these women? Let me know!