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HFM and the Search for the Trifecta

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The dewdrops of spring manifested itself in the excitement of the opening of the Hollywood Farmers’ Market or HFM.  Billed as where the local growers bring in the harvest each week and the locals celebrate, HFM was festooned with the brilliant music of Sneakin’ Out and chatters of “How have you been?” and “How was your winter?”  Despite the heavy rain the night before in Portland, the Market was awash in smiles and greetings as families, neighbors, even local political rivals—State Representative Dembrow and one-time candidate Coney—enjoyed the opening.

My take of the harvest, however, is not typical.  Although Views from the Carrot Condo collects more traditional items at HFM, my take fulfills a more immediate need.  As loyal HFM goers each Saturday, Trista keeps an eye toward our burgeoning menu for the coming week, which thankfully allows me to work toward harvesting three ready-to-eat items to enjoy right there: the Trifecta.  Sure, I could go for the early strawberries or other fruits or snack-sized vegetables, but I seek the more savory.  

The base of any good Trifecta has been the breakfast burrito procured at the Nourishment Booth.  Filled with local produce and eggs (which I think they buy right there at HFM), it forms the foundation to start the HFM grazing process for me.  In years past, it was the breakfast tart, which in effect, exchanged the locally made tortilla for a mini-tart crust and extra heat (I always seemed to burn the roof of my mouth on the tart).  Now, the breakfast burrito provides a staple of the Trifecta and allows us to walk around HFM and see what’s in season.

Completing the Trifecta is as much about the process as it is about the products.  In ordering the breakfast burrito, it is my chance to talk briefly with the Wingnut Confections one-man show, who serves up organic vegan truffles and candies.  Using as many fairly traded and local ingredients as possible, he is also known for making all local deliveries by bicycle.  We’ve bought them as gifts to the delight of our friends and family but it hasn’t made its way into the Trifecta.

The middle leg of the Trifecta has always been the variable.  At times it has been a single, vegetable tamale made by Hacienda Micro-Mercantes, which is an initiative that promotes the sale of prepared food at eight Portland-area farmers’ markets.  Always delicious, either the vegetable or chicken tamale is quite a bit of heft, knowing that the final leg is coming.  Thus, it is a rare occasion that the tamale becomes the second course, preferring a small baked good from Fleur de Lis Bakery or Gabriel’s Bakery.

And then comes the crowning moment: Village Crepery.  True crepe aficionados may blush at Meg and Deb’s creations because they intentionally stray from the crepe’s roots, but to us this is the pièce de résistance of the HFM experience.  Trista fancies the vegan harvest crepe filled with avocado, tomato, spinach, basil, and scallions.  I get my mom-inspired, thick crepe sprinkled with a fair amount of powdered sugar.  Simple, savory, a bit sweet, and satiating.  The best part, of course, is chatting with Meg and Deb as we wait for our order.  Pictured above is their new 1957 International panel truck that they serve out of, which was rebuilt and now shows off a 50’s diner look.  

We left before the sun started shining, but we certainly feel warm inside having completed the Trifecta.  Here’s to many more leisurely Saturdays at our local farmers’ market—nestled in the heart of the Hollywood neighborhood of Portland—HFM.