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Cookin' With The Kid

(post, Cheryl Miller)

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He's only ten years old. Totally interested in food, mostly Italian and only vegetarian. So I was one of the lucky winners of a cookbook last month, Saveur Authentic Italian. He decided immediately we had two recipes to try. The first was the pumpkin ravioli. Of course we could not find the exact pumpkin available but I assured him that most squash had similar tastes and we could substitute. Acorn squash became the most likely substitution. The second recipe we tried was the chocolate gelato. For anyone who loves chocolate and a sort-of ice cream/Italian ice, this is the perfect recipe. 

So we had extra filling from the raviolis and I decided to get creative. We used it along with ricotta cheese and a bechemel sauce to create a squash lasagna. Brett pretty much did everything from making the rue for the bechemel, to mixing the ricotta with eggs, herbs and a bit of parm. He then layered the ingredients in between some sheets of pasta to make a delicious dinner for the family. 

I really love that he is so focused and chose food as one of his interests, especially since it was his decision to become a vegetarian and also the fact that food is so important in our lives. He is learning basic skills like measuring and cutting but also important lessons in substitution and creativity. 

Enjoy your day, enjoy your food. Life is good!