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Away for a while

(post, Maggie Restivo)

So I haven't been keeping up with Culinate as much as I have wanted to over the past month. Hopefully this will be forgiven when you find out why. First of all I have been in St. Louis visiting my family. Since moving to Alabama I only get to see them for 1 - 2 weeks every year around Christmas. Secondly, I GOT INTO CULINARY SCHOOL!!! I have been in St. Louis taking care of things that will make it possible for me to attend culinary school. I cannot even begin to explain how excited I am. When I got fitted for my chefs coat, I involuntarily jumped up and down in front of the mirror and squealed a little because I was so excited. 

Right now I am packing and saying goodbye to my friends and life in Alabama. After I get back to St. Louis I will post a book review and BBQ updates and what not. 

Also, I made some really tasty oven baked chicken last night. I coated them in some home-made bread crumbs with lots of savory spices in the crumbs. Sam sauteed some fresh zucchini, red onion, mushrooms and carrots with a little olive oil and salt and pepper. He insisted on being in charge of the veggies because he bought a nice nonstick saute pan with high sides on it and wanted to be the first one to use it. (It was really cute!) 

I'm going to go outside and enjoy this fabulous weather for a little while. I recommend you do the same!