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(article, Kim Carlson)

Congratulations go to Lara! Her post on rethinking breakfast was chosen by our readers as the winner of this blogging contest. We'll announce another contest soon. Thanks all — voters and writers — for participating.

The April blogging contest was a blast, thanks to all the Culinate members who participated. We selected eight finalists through the course of the month — and it wasn't easy! We salute all who shared their stories. 

And with that, we'll commence voting: Please vote below for your favorite among the finalists. Voting will take place till 11:59 p.m. PST on Sunday, May 3. Whoever has the most votes at that time will receive a $100 farmers' market gift certificate to his or her local farmers' market.

Here's who's who among the finalists:

 Ivy lists the [/author/chefivy/blog/13thingsiamgrowinginmygardenthisyear "13 things she's growing in her garden"].
 Anu tells us why to bother with [/user/SwirlSavvy/blog/whyorganicwineandwhatsbiodynamic "organic and biodynamic wines"].
 David wonders [/user/rockintaco/blog/whatwouldyouhavemade "what you'd make with the contents of his fridge"].
 Sarah's eating [/user/cafemama/blog/dontforgettoeatyourflowers "flowers in the forest"].
 Lara wants us to [/user/laraadler/blog/breakfastsmreakfast "rethink breakfast"].
 Trista hopes to [/user/TRISTA/blog/imexhaustedandquittingcoffee--again--maybe... "quit caffeine."]
 Julie is [/user/foxyconcordgrape/blog/howtoeatwhenyourfridgeisnotallerthanyourboots "eating from a small fridge."]
 Jenny has plenty of [/user/Jenny/blog/cleaningoutsomememoriesandtimeto_focus "food memories."]

h3. Please vote for one of the finalists:

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Watch for another contest soon!

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