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Say the blessing

(article, Culinate staff)

Recently, over on the Atlantic's food pages, Ezekial Emanuel eloquently made the case for saying a prayer before meals, if only for the purpose of showing gratitude:

bq. Prayers make every meal begin with words of thanksgiving. That is intensely important to me. That every day I go around sated because of this food is an enormous blessing. Just read history and you begin to see that most time in people's lives has been devoted to the struggle to get enough to eat. Feeling sated was a rarity for most people in human history.

He goes on:

bq. Travel to any developing country and you witness how difficult, literally slow, and deprived life is on 1,000 calories per day. You become thankful not just that you have food, and enough food to not feel hungry, but enough food that you can have something different every day and at every meal every day. You begin to feel thankful that you can eat for the pleasure of taste.

And finally: 

bq. One of the great purposes of these prayers is to make us pause and think how lucky we really are. This is something "bon app├ętit" does not and cannot do.

Emanuel asked readers to supply a secular prayer of gratitude, but so far none has been posted.