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I'm An Avid Gardener, but I Don't Eat Enough Veggies

(post, Julie Kadingo)

I love vegetables, but I find it hard to eat them raw, or without sauce or dressing. 

I wilt my kale, lettuce, and other mixed greens with my steamer. Then, with my hand-held blender, I turn them into my favorite, fattening, dairy-based pasta sauce. Or I douse my asparagus with a fattening hollandaise sauce. Of course, I've already drenched the asparagus in oil before grilling.  

So, tonight, I intend to eat closer to nature. I plan to make a potato soup with just broth, potatoes, leeks, and nutmeg. Ok, I might steam some kale from the garden, and turn it into the potato soup. The goal, though, is to make a very simple soup that does not relies on vegetables for flavor, rather than pasta, sauces made with milk, or dressings made with oil. 

If anyone has suggestions on simple, wholesome ingredients to add to my potato soup, I am open!

Hey, I should have raw carrots on the side!