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Is Boxed Wine Hip Again? & How it Cuts down your Carbon Footprint

(post, Anu Karwa)

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If you didn't think you'd see 1980's era wine-in-a-box become hip again in your lifetime, you might be even more surprised by the alternative packaging movement's newest incarnation - wine in a tube. FOUR is the first premium California wine in a sleek eco-friendly tube. Not only does the 3L tube reduce a wine's carbon footprint by 50% (versus a typical glass bottle) but it also helps reduce waste by staying fresh for 30 days after opening. The first release of FOUR is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon sourced from the California appellations of Monterey, Paso Robles and Lodi from the 2006 vintage. The winemaker's goal was to create a $25 bottle for the price of $10 by putting the savings from packaging into higher quality grapes and production. FOUR achieved their goal with this deeply aromatic wine firm with dark plum and dark toffee taste. So, leave your corkscrew and foil cutters behind - they're, like, totally 80's anyway.In NYC, buy it at Astor Wines. Check out more of my wine tips