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Hoboken Bakery is Ready for it's Closeup

(post, John Dryzga)

In a town where change is constant, Carlo's City Hall Bakery has held court for many decades.  As many local business are transmogrified into yet antoher bank or cell phone store, a constant string of canolis and cakes have passed out the door of Carlo's.  The bakery, or at least the owner Buddy Valastro has finally got it's props in a truly new millenium fashion, it's own reality show.

Buddy has recently gained national attention through winning a wedding cake competition on The Food Network and having his elaborate creations grace the pages of many bridal magazines.  This noteriety, added with the current appetite for all food related shows, resulted in The Learning Channel show "Cake Boss".  The show basically shows all the behind the scenes action at Carlo's City Hall Bakery as the sugar, flour and the Jersey accents fly.  Being a Hobokenite, I may be a bit biased, but I did enjoy the first episode.

Buddy does seem to be a likable guy, who is trying to live up to his late father's wishes and dreams.  I don't know how much of the drama that arose in the show is scripted, but the cakes he and his staff crafted were exquisite.  They sculpted three black and white wedding cakes for "Brides" magazine that just have to be seen.  Watching all the work that went into making these cakes really ups the admiration of all the cake decorators out there.  The cake was a fishing boat birthday cake that Buddy was unknowingly(at least that's what was shown) making for his own birthday party.  It was very whimsical and outlandishly detailed, including a cooler for beers!

Watching parts of your life on TV is certainly a surreal experience.  Seeing all the parts of Hoboken that you walk past nearly every day(hey, its one square mile) is just unnerving.  It kind of makes reality a little less real.  Adding to the "Ed TV of it all, the French Culinary Institute was used as a setting for "Celebrity Apprentice".  It is weird watching b list celebs cooking in your kitchen.  The next saute pan I used may be a TV star.