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New Options for Chef Studio Diploma Course

(post, Robert Reynolds)

advanced culinary education in support of local agriculture

ROBERT REYNOLDS is revving up for another series of comprehensive, tailored cooking courses at the Chef Studio. The Eight-Week Diploma course is for the serious cook, regardless of professional ambition or avocational interest. It is a thorough course of study in French and Italian cooking that teacher, chef and author, Robert Reynolds has offered to students of all ages and backgrounds for over 20 years in France and in the U.S. Reynolds designed the 8-week course as an alternative to longer and more expensive programs of training. This Diploma course equips participants with the skills they need to stand out from mainstream culinary students.

In a small class setting, Reynolds offers direct, hands-on instruction, helping students gain competencies in a broad repertoire of regional, Classic and modern cooking. They will learn the difference approaches, for example, Italian or French take to menus, cooking oils or pastas. They will understand the uniqueness of French sauces. And as students cook alongside Chef Reynolds each day, they will have the opportunity to work with fresh ingredients from local fish vendors, cheese experts, butchers, farmers, and wine makers.

By the end of the course students will understand the importance of method and technique but, in addition to gaining concrete skills, they will be inspired to craft their own vision of cooking. And as they move toward the culinary future they dream of, Reynolds offers ongoing support, guidance, coaching, and supervision.

There are now two versions of the Eight-Week Diploma course. Both sessions begin May 18th and will continue to be offered in September, January and March each year. The first requires students to attend 5 days per week (9 a.m. to 3 p.m.) for 8 weeks.

The second version of the Diploma course is now offered for students who require a more flexible schedule. By choosing to attend two evening classes per week(6 p.m. to 9 p.m.) and one full Saturday each month (9 a.m. to 3 p.m.), candidates complete the equivalent of the 8-week session in one year.

SCHOLARSHIPS: visit the site to become informed of scholarship opportunities that may cover partial tuition.

OTHER CLASSES: THE STUDIO'S SIX-PART EVENING SERIES begin again in mid-May. One series of courses, designed for people who need to learn the basics. Another series, for those who have some cooking skills but are looking for more advanced learning. So if you choose either series, you go to the studio one evening a week for six weeks. Visit the website above for further info, OR CALL Robert at 503-233-1934.