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$10 a week

(post, David Silva)

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Everyone seems to be on a budget these days. People each have their own individual motivations and reasons for saving. I'm not going to mention mine, but I was inspired by some of the articles I 've recently read. Some I've enjoyed on Serious Eats, others by one of our fellow Culinate-ers, OpusOne. 

I went to the grocery store yesterday to prep my lunches for the week. (This is an excellent way of saving money AND pumping your body with healthier food.) On the menu? Not so sure. I'm usually inspired by what's on sale. I consulted one of my cookbooks prior to leaving just so I have an idea in the back of my brain. 

The challenge is this: Is it possible to cook 5 healthy lunches for $10. The answer is yes. (Even in Manhattan.) Here's how:

1. Baby Carrots were on sale for 99¢. Instant healthy dippers for ...
2. Hummus (Have the tahini at home, need the chickpeas. no sweat. THEY'RE on sale too!)
3. Cauliflower was on sale 2 for $5. Perfect! 

The price-list:
1-15oz. can of chickpeas (on sale for 79¢)
Lemons were on sale 5 for $1.
2 heads of Cauliflower ($5)
1 box of Parmalat milk ($2.89)
TOTAL: $10.67

OK, so it's a wee bit over one Hamilton, but it's close enough! My wallet (and tummy) are happy. 

The menu:
Curried Cauliflower soup (pureed cauli, milk, garam masala, sea salt, and an onion. Note: Using both heads made enough to make 3 tupperware-full servings.)

Hummus (pureed chickpeas with tahini, garlic clove, lemon juice, and sea salt. To be dipped with the baby carrots. Note: 1 can of chickpeas yielded 2 tupperware servings.)

Look forward next week, for another $10 challenge. Go out, see what's on sale, and be INSPIRED! And try only using a $10. You'd be surprised with the possibilities and creativity you can charge up!