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Lemon Curd

(post, Jenny Weber)

A jar of it has been sitting in my pantry for a couple of weeks now. It was purchased on a whim after frosting a lemon cake (with four mouth watering layers of lemon syrup and curd under a bed of lemon frosting). I thought, why not have this in my pantry. I can whip up a lemon cake in no time. And, well, the "no" part of it was right. Come to think of it, the combination of "no time" is pretty spot on as well (though not in the way I intended).

Lemon curd. Hmmmmm. My mouth waters now just to think about it. The bitter twang of the lemon as it hits your palate and your jaws contract in response sending great little pulses of smiles through you.

Lemon curd. Reminds me of a night out in Colorado. The back hatch of our rented car flipped open, take-out coffee preventing my body from breaking out into one giant goosebump, witnessing my first shooting star.