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Hot Lemon Peppers, Black Pearl Tomatoes, and Ruby Queen Corn

(post, Julie Kadingo)

I have a garden plot is in the neighborhood p-patch (Seattle speak for community garden). The p-patch is adjacent to a pair of twenty-two inch tall cowboy boots and hat. It’s also five blocks from Boeing Field, and so I can grow vegetables tall enough to touch the planes. This weekend, my boyfriend and I are planting hot lemon peppers, black pearl tomatoes, and ruby queen corn. We are nervous because, while this weekend will be beautiful and in the sixties, next week will be in the fifties and rainy. We will build mini-green houses for them, and check on them daily. I’m anxious for a full garden again, and willing to take risks. Right now, I only have two kale plants and one Swiss chard plant. They have supplied me with plenty of greens. I do like them steamed, and blended into sauces and soups. But I want variety. 

Let’s hope for the best.