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An empty pantry and an uncooperative tummy

(post, Jenny Weber)

Because of work and other "life" scheduling conflicts I have not been to a Farmer's Market in a bit of time. Instead late night trips to Whole Foods are made but because I refuse to buy "fresh" produce from supermarkets, I have not had anything from a carrot to an apple in a long enough period of time to drive me batty.

I looked forward to this weekend--no set plans, nothing crazy going on in the early hours of my mornings. I would, God as my witness, with fist planted firmly in the air above me, visit a Farmer's Market. And I did this morning. Sort of. In a roundabout way. 

Not feeling well enough to head to an appointment this morning I returned home the long way, the way that inadvertently took me through a Farmer's Market. And through I went. No stopping. Why? Because a little stomach bug precludes me from holding down even water and crackers. I couldn't look at freshly baked bread, fresh spinach, eggs, cheese, and other delectables without feeling the twangs of pain issuing from an empty stomach that craved it all.

Tomorrow morning there is another Farmer's Market open nearby. I hope my stomach cooperates with my taste buds.