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Schedule C for cake

(post, Christina Eng)

I finished taxes and sent the suckers off. Hallelujah! This calls for cake. Technically, anything can call for cake.

The forms took about three weekends, on and off, and plenty of hair-pulling (even with TurboTax). But, in the end, I completed my taxes and my parents' taxes, and crosschecked returns for a few sisters and brothers to boot. 

If the threats of IRS audits don't hang perpetually over their heads, I swear, people would not worry half as much as they do about numbers and calculations, explanation and documentation. 

Suffice to say, I am greatly relieved, and look forward to again engaging my creative right brain (leaving the methodical left brain alone until next April). In the meantime, Uncle Sam gets its share; and I, well, I get cake.