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I am not a blog reader, but I thought I might try sharing some of my experiences as a cook in San Diego.

Today I met with a new client who has an incredible number of dietary restrictions, due to a medical problem. She was inspiring, as she knew that in order to survive, she had to eat. So many of my friends and acquintances in the food world seem to take their passion for food for granted; something that defines them without even having to mention it. To cook for this woman, knowing that by doing so I will be helping her to recover her health, is a responsibility that I hope I can meet. I also hope to learn, as I do from the many people I meet as a food educator and chef.

As I was reading your newsletter today, I was reminded how we all rely upon Deborah Madison as an infinite resource. My client was relieved to know that I used many of her recipes in my repetoire, and I could see that this knowledge alone gave her comfort. Wow! I mean, that is an impact that goes beyond any expectation a chef can hope for.

Last week I attended an Urban Seder at a restaurant in my neighborhood, Urban Solace. It was their first attempt at such an event, and it was wonderful.

The chef, Matt Gordon, used many traditional ingredients in ways that were unexpected and surprising, but never with a twist one couldn't appreciate. I felt that he was respectful of the recipes from his own childhood, and at the same time thoughtfully creating something completely new. If I can get some of his recipes, I will ask if I can share them here. Just to whet your appetites, he made a gefilte fish that had no resemblance to anything jarred or homemade by any relative in my family, living or dead! (all great holiday cooks)

I am still having trouble figuring out what fish he used to get such a wonderful result.

Now I have to get to work trying to come up with some tempting and palatable menus for my brave and inspirational client. I can see how this blog could become another way to put off the inevitable...serious work!