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I spent most of today lying on a bed in front of a window with its curtain drawn. it was the opposite side of the wall
I wished to be on, especially on such a warm and clear day, but alas, my seasonal allergies have weakened me. it
seemed fitting to rest today, though, as I worked myself well the past couple of days. we labored a great deal outdoors:
I wove a fence to separate the vegetable patch from the flower beds, we dug two additional beds, and planted over
seventy onion bulbs.

it was sarah swett's kids weaving that motivated me to weave the fence. I've been curious in regard to weaving, and have wanted to learn more. I thought perhaps a children's book, free of intimidation, would lead me through the basics, allowing me to take it further. she explains technique well and provides instructions to construct several loom models. not to mention, the illustrations are by lena corwin.

the evening air coming through the window beside me tickles my skin as it touches it. its temperature is nice, even with its spring bite. I swear I can almost smell the grass greening; and though it plagues me, I'm pleased its arrival begs me to slow down and asks me to notice it.

be well. 

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