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yesterday we drove a little ways outside of the city to visit a farm and horse stable. we'd made arrangements a few weeks ago with the owners to come clear away a bit of their horse's manure for our vegetable patch. after the physical labor was completed and the manure loaded, we visited awhile with the stable workers and met the providers of our manure compost; all fifteen of them. they were large but gentle animals. without any fear, they'd bring their large faces to mine and smell my curly hair which was without barrettes and dancing around in the wind. they had a wide space to roam, and they did so in harmony with the farmer's many cats. afterward we returned home with the manure and worked in the chilly temperatures until sundown.

it's chilly again this evening. I've been heating the home and dicing and caramelizing mushrooms for a late dinner of homemade pizza. the sun should return on friday, though. I'm glad for it, too, as we plan to take a picnic to the creek and go fossil hunting afterward.

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