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on friday night, after dark, we set pillows on the floor and laid down in front of our screen door. the cool breeze coming through felt refreshing on our faces as we stared outside, and already it smelled of the rain we'd receive the next evening. my husband, ben, laid on his stomach. our kitty, ralph, was nestled beside him, attentively watching bunnies and squirrels move slowly across the almost pitch-black yard. I laid on my back, looking up at the treetops. I watched birds, the occasional bat, and wondered when the leaves would return. I was intent on seeing the possum we'd seen many nights prior. although he never returned, we were surprised at the amount of nighttime life in our urban environment.

throughout the week we've been digging the soil, clearing some of the winter debris from the garden beds, extending the plots, and gathering good straight sticks with which to make bean teepees. the robins know us; we're their waiter
and waitress when they see us digging, expecting us to toss yet another worm their way. on tuesday, a delivery of manure will arrive, which we'll incorporate into our garden soil. we've been admiring the neighbor's homemade
garden tools, including a massive harrow which has a rope belt to tie around one's waist. they too have been spending their days outdoors tilling and raking their own garden beds. they're well into their years, but they manage to
transform their entire yard into an edible landscape year after year.

saturday night we went out for dinner together. the restaurant, a favorite of ours, was dark and full with laughter and conversation. we sat beside a large window and the wood oven stove, casually eating and talking for awhile. afterward, just as the rain was beginning to fall, we visited a nearby bookstore. we sat and read, drank delicious hot chocolate, and watched the rain.

here's to what's left of the weekend!

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