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5 Date Worthy Wines

(post, Anu Karwa)

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If you want to impress your date or appear sophisticated, here are some "big date" worthy wine choices: 

# If you want a white wine, try something a bit more sophisticated than a Pinot Grigio - Try a Sauvignon Blanc from either New Zealand or, to be really chic, from Chile. Chile’s just coming onto the scene for Sauvignon Blancs. Great value choices include the Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough, New Zealand or the Casa Lapostolle Sauvignon Blanc from Chile. 
# A spicy, smoky and sexy wine - Like Syrah or Shiraz (which are the same grape but will taste different based on where they're from). Try the Green Point Shiraz, an elegant wine with bright fruit or the Layer Cake Shiraz which has luscious layers of flavor.  Both selections are from Australia. For a really impressive Syrah, try any of the Syrahs from Terlato in California which run from $30 to $55. Their Angel’s Peak is a favorite. This is a perfect one to have at home to really impress. 
# A big, bold brawny red – A Malbec from Mendoza, Argentina is the ultimate budget-friendly “muscular” wine to offer your date. Ladies - don't have a guy over and only be able to offer him a lightly sparkling glass of Prosecco.
# A bottle of Champagne -You can get great value in Champagne with high quality by looking for what’s called a “Grower Champagne”. Look for the initials “RM” on label vs. “NM” (which are the big brands).
# Stock your home with a wine with a story - If you want to expose your adventurous side, have a bottle on-hand from a place you've traveled. Tales of adventures in exotic lands are sure to make your date inch just a bit closer.

p(green). Editor's note: This piece was subsequently featured in the Chicago Sun-Times on April 22, 2009.