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The sun is just turning the night sky a lighter color of dark.  Soon little wisps of pink and orange will start to move across the sky.  Guess what I am doing?  Carry out flats of tomato plants.  I don't move so well in the morning, it takes me a while to remember I have legs, and when I do I also remember they hurt this early.  I have a bad knee that really just wants to retire.  It is 6:00 A.M. and we have to move 400+ tomato and pepper plants out of the living room out to the mini green houses.  This has been one of the coldest Aprils we have had in some time; to cold to leave the little plants outside over night.  We were to tired last night to hump them up the stairs into the living room they went; on the floor, the couches, and the coffee table.  We then had to close the double French doors and put our dinning room table up against it so that P.D., our 15 lb cat, could not chew the leaves off of the peppers. He doesn’t like the tomatoes, just the peppers.  

I am the first one up every morning.  I came down stairs and started carry flats of plants.  Remember how everything hurts?  Bending over is nigh impossible.  So I do the best this old body can do.  I start and just keep going.  Soon my oldest daughter helps (and she has the foresight to lock the three cats up in her room), and we carry out more flats.  Then Darling Hubby comes down and out we all three go.  This had to have been a sight three people running back and forth carrying plants and getting them inside the mini green house in the back yard.  

Oh did I mention we live next to a three story apartment building filled with elderly people who all get up before dawn and watch our place to see what "crazy thing are they doing now"? We entertain our neighbors well!