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Two Soups Today!

(post, Cheryl Miller)

Truthfully I couldn't decide. The weather turned out to be typical of a West Virginia spring, rainy and windy. We had a group of teens volunteering to do some work for us at camp and I needed to prepare lunch for them. Both of my own kids love soup. Alex, the teen loves potato. Brett, the aspiring chef loves tomato. Both are easy to start, both need herbs and few spices. Both are made with simple items that are found in most anyone's fridge or pantry. So I thought, 'Why not make both?' 

They were quite inviting accompanied by a grilled cheese sandwich. There isn't much more  satisfying the the accomplishment of a big pot of healthy soup. Full-flavored, full-bodied. Everyone was happy including the vegetarians (my kids). And in keeping a mental tally of who wanted what, it was almost even. In cooking for groups here at camp, we see a variety of ages, lots have special dietary needs, Some are just picky. But my goals have always been the same. First, everyone eats. And second, why not give choices? Isn't life in general about making choices?