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Spring Fever Indeed

(post, Rachael Warrington)

It has hit, today!  No clouds whipping through the sky, no wind tearing your hair out by the root, and no rain drowning you.  The sun is high, the air is warm and the breeze is light.  We have to go out and enjoy a day like this.  When I get home from work and grocery shopping, my hubby and son will have moved all 432 tomato and pepper plants outside into the handmade mini green houses.  There the plants will heat up to 80 degrees and bask in the joy of the sun.  

I will sit outside and soak up as much vitamin D as I can.  I will watch the red cardinals flying around making ready their nest.  The young cardinals are trying to lure mates to their tree.  We have 4-6 different red couples for this spring.  My cat will stretch out in the sun light hoping that this will last just a bit longer before the real heat starts up.  

The sky is so blue after the hard rain; it got all that nasty smoke from the burning prairie.  Where the grass burning happened, the new grass will shoot up quickly and very green.  The entire growing season is kicking off.

I love spring and I am so glad it is finally here!