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At First Sight

(post, Laura Sohn)

Do you remember first seeing the inside of a kiwi?  I don't.  I was still young enough that food put in front of me was not questioned, but consumed.  I didn't think how weird it was that there was hair on the outside.  Not the plush fuzz of a peach but two-day bristles.  I didn't notice that cutting it the long way made the segments fan out; I didn't know it had segments.  And of course it was the perfect counterpart to strawberries.  Hairy skin, hairy stem, black seeds on the outside, black seeds on the inside.  Every six-year-old knew green went with red.
I just picked up a kiwi that's been sitting in my kitchen for a week, unripe, and thought, This Is Awesome.  As children, our food is very literal.  An orange is orange on the outside and the inside.  A red apple is red, a green apple is green, and they both have an unassuming translucence on the inside.  At least we know what vegetables will taste bitter and better with cheese: they're green!  But not a kiwi.  Cut open a kiwi and forget the tartness, the crunch of the seeds.  Forget the fact that soon, tall bumps will form on your tongue and it'll be time to stop or get a glass of milk.  Just look at that.  We get to eat that.