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A Latino-style Passover

(post, David Silva)

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Tony Bennett left his heart 
in San Fransisco. I left mine 
in Guadalajara. 

I have noticed a foodie trend among those celebrating Passover here in Manhattan. Rosa Mexicana, among other mexican restaurants, are catering to the Jewish residents of the city. You'll find the usual ethnic menu but with a twist. The dishes are inspired by the holiday and use jewish ingredients. 

Creating a seder dinner is traditional and nostalgic. However, this trend of Mexican passover meals pumped my blood. I loved the idea. I loved the idea almost too much. It made sense! A lot of Mexican ingredients are unleavened and have no flour. Sooo ... other than not being STRICTLY kosher (and neither of my friends are) we weren't breaking any rules! I grew up half Jewish and my jewish friends loved the idea. They knew I had wanted to make a Sephardic seder, which is highlighting the foods of the jews from Spain and Portugal. Why not follow the trend, encorporate Mexico, and just make it a latino-style Passover? 

The Menu:

MATZOH with ...
(Spanish style roasted peppers)


Our Seder menu had:
(Chopped dates cooked to a syrup with chopped walnuts)

(Squash-Coconut soup topped witha cilantro and corn relish)

(Endive with chopped mango, Asian pears, manchego, and date molasses)

(My personal favorite - A traditional Mexican dish of beans, corn tortillas, chilies, and queso fresco)


We were cooking all day, but come on, who ever complained about that? It was fun! We were serenaded by Luis Miguel (I needed some old school "canciones de amor"). Plus, it was nostalgic making food that I learned how to make in D.F. Other than my starting the flan three times (note to self: sugar burns SUPER fast), everything went smoothly, and the attendees had a great time. For some, it was their first seder. They already said they can't wait for NEXT years. Woo hoo! So if you're a reformed Jew, and you want to pump up that seder to the next level, go Mexican! It's fun, you'll make some new memories, and you won't regret it.