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Split pea puree

(post, Ruth Newman)

Ok, so, my experiment adding split pea puree to my lasagna sauce is going excelently!!! 

I made my regular tomato sauce and also added some grated zuchinni (from the freezer) for some body. I ran the immersion blender through that to smooth it out some. The split peas were simmered with some celery hearts, garlic and fresh thyme. I ran the immersion blender through them and when I tasted it I almost didn't add it to the sauce it tasted so good!! But that would have given me split pea soup and not a protein boost to my tomato sauce like I want.

The sauce tastes amazing with the added split pea puree. The puree gives it a creamier texture and rounds out the flavors nicely. I would almost eat it like a soup! Hmmm... maybe if I added in some rice... yes, it could be a soup... (I will have to save this idea for another day...)  

The big test will be this weekend when I serve it up at a family gathering next to my sisters pan of "normal" lasagna. I'm not planning to mention that it is veggetarian as that may turn off some people before they even try it. Hope it all turns out well.