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Civil Eats treats

(article, Culinate staff)

Civil Eats' environmental editor, Aaron French, posts today that President Obama has announced FSASS, a new food security and sustainability stimulus package. 

What exactly is FSASS? According to French, it's

bq. A variety of specific initiatives \[that\] include an increase in funding for urban farming initiatives, a joint USDA — Homeland Security program on “farm-worker health, safety, and well being,” and progressive tax credits for turning your backyard lawn (or apartment rooftop) into a source of food for your family.

Best of all, writes French, Obama expects the package to sail through Congress without a hitch.

Meanwhile, more good news at Civil Eats: Alice Waters is launching a line of frozen foods, according to Anya Fernald:

bq. The “Simple Perfection” entrees, which consist of a oven-ready terra-cotta plate rubbed with garlic and sprinkled with salt, are designed to be laden with seasonal vegetables by the user.

Wonder how many she'll fool with that one?