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The market is vibrant in the winter too!

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  Marketgoers all over the country envision farmers markets in the sunny summer season filled with colorful fruits and veggies and in the fall as the local squash and apples become fresh. The winter season, however, is often overlooked when it comes to exploring local markets: especially in wintery locales like Michigan! Here at the Ann Arbor Farmers Market, we want you to be both aware and excited about the great things our market has to offer this (and every) winter! 

     Although your summer shorts and t-shirts won't cut it for this market experience, bundle up and come down one Saturday to see what the fuss is all about. Farm fresh and local winter wonders await you. From meat and eggs to apples, greens, and winter squash, the market is still the bountiful locale for produce you remember from the summer! And with much smaller crowds, you'll have a chance to chat with the farmers and hear the stories behind the goods you buy. Visit our website before you head out each Saturday, for weekly updates including the great food and handmade crafts you can find at market!