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Culinate Newsletter April 1 09

(mailing, James Berry)

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 h1. Dear readers,
 My friend and colleague Carrie Floyd is a Renaissance Woman. She cooks fabulous food and creates amazing art — and teaches children to do so as well. And she writes, often hilariously. If you haven't seen them, Carrie's [/columns/kitchenlimbo "Kitchen Limbo"] columns (written awhile back) are worth a look — not only for the grins, but also for the inspiration. 

 There's the one where she [/columns/kitchenlimbo/Eating+crow "eats crow"] about her children's food habits, and another where she claims to be the  [/columns/kitchenlimbo/thehostesswiththeleastest "hostess with the leastest"] (not a fair assessment in my experience).

 Then there's the [/columns/kitchenlimbo/Orange+chicken "orange chicken"] (aka salmon to the over-six set). 

 And Carrie can completely reframe the conversation about [/columns/kitchenlimbo/Snack+attack "children's snacks:"] "My kids, too, are bloodthirsty after school. If we’re going to be out and about after I pick them up, I make sure to have a few raw steaks to throw into the back seat."

 You get the idea. 

 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

 P.S. Thanks, all, for [/articles/ourtable/voteherenow voting] in our blogging contest. [/articles/ourtable/luckylaura Laura] was our winner, with her post [/user/mydogischelsea/blog/thecarrotquandary "The Carrot Quandary."] Congratulations, Laura! Watch for another similar contest soon.

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story2text: "No longer will Charlotte Freeman cheat on the egg lady."

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recipe1text: "Liven up a burger with this tasty condiment."
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recipe2text: "A Jehnee Rains dessert to make at home."

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