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Meet the Twits

(post, Su T Fitterman)

Tomorrow is Pizza Night in our house. This does wonders for the good moods of Those Whom I Tirelessly Serve (twits). They each get their own handmade version: cheese, hold the tomato sauce; sautéed peppers and caramelized onions; fresh chevre, grilled zucchini and dillweed. All versions are prepped by mid-afternoon, rested on cookie sheets in the fridge, then baked in an aging oven: 

Place pizza stone on bottom rack. Turn oven on to 450º (500º if you're feeling lucky--our oven prefers to blow a fuse at that temperature). Let stone and oven heat up (be generous; a hot stone delivers better results).

Slide cookie sheet onto hot stone, close oven door and bake. Timing depends on toppings and hunger of twits.

Serve with salad.

To make youngest twit truly happy, insist on eating in front of TV while watching America's Next Top Model and afterwards serve World Peace cookies, from Dorie Greenspan's 'Baking: From My House to Yours'. (Chocolate = World Peace: who knew?)