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Mouth of Babes: Good Food for the New Generation

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Hella Delicious is currently producing a new series that demonstrates how to prepare foods that will nourish babies as they grow inside their mothers. These foods are also beneficial for couples with fertility issues and for young children.

The foods and recipes demonstrated will be largely based on the nutritional research done by Dr. Weston A. Price who studied communities around the globe in the early 1930s. He found that every traditional society had special sacred foods for pregnant women and growing children.

The main characters in Mouth of Babes are Ruthie, a young pregnant mother and her two year old son, Mikko. The young boy is learning to cook and loves to meet the plants, chickens and cows that are providing for him.

These short 4-8 minute episodes provide easy to follow demonstrations of a variety of foods from around the world and how a hard working young woman can cook nourishing meals for her family while teaching her child the soul satisfying art of cooking.

The most important developmental age for children is from conception to 2 years old. If they are not getting the proper nutrition that their growing bodies need it will affect them for the rest of their lives.

Food is a great communicator catalyst, therefore our episodes will include sustainable communities, demonstrating the benefits of supporting local economy while at the same time remaining connected with communities around the world.

Mouth of Babes ultimately intends to support people to maintain their traditional food-webs and help revive and teach traditional recipes by making them accessible to as many people as possible via the internet.

If you would like to support this project please visit Mouth of Babes. Sponsors will be advertised on the episodes and linked to on all our sites. Hella Delicious is also featured on the food edition of the open source internet TV platform Miro reaching a wide audience.

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