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Culinate Newsletter March 25 09

(mailing, James Berry)

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 h1. Dear readers,
 The March blogging contest has been terrific, thanks to all the Culinate members who participated. We chose eight finalists through the course of the month, but we could easily have selected dozens more that intrigued us. 

 Now, voting begins, which is where you come in. Please head over to the voting page and cast your vote for your favorite among the finalists. 

 Here's a recap of who's who:

 First, Laura made us laugh with her piece about [/user/mydogischelsea/blog/thecarrotquandary "carrots of an unexpected hue;"] Diane impressed us with her depth of understanding about [/user/diness/blog/localeatinginaglobalworld "seasonal eating "]. 

 We appreciated Marjorie's efforts to [/user/Marjorie+Taylor/blog/anapproachableguidetosustainablefood "demystify"] the term "sustainable eating." Kathleen, meanwhile, startled us (although we know we shouldn't be surprised) with her post about [/user/KAB/blog/thedirtysecretoforganicseeds "organic seeds"] that may be genetically modified.

 More smiles from Su, who blogged about [/user/sut/blog/turkey "cooking a Christmas turkey"] with her Jewish mother. Linda wowed us with her recipe for lovely [/author/LindaZiedrich/blog/sweetvioletsyrup "violet syrup"], and we appreciated Kari's [/user/karijb/blog/homeiswherethehamis. "enthusiasm for pork."]

 Finally, we chose Jake and his spouse's two-part [/user/weasel/blog/fortheloveofmeat...whatwouldyoupay account] of why they pay top-dollar for a meat CSA. 

 Head over now for voting and further reading!

 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

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story1text: "Portland pastry chef Jehnee Rains shares her easier-than-pie technique for infusing cream."
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story2text: "Matthew Amster-Burton cooks a better hash — and so can you."

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recipe1text: "A vegetable soup enlivened with pesto, courtesy of member Caroline Lewis."
recipe2id: 182263
recipe2text: "Everybody's favorite sandwich, in a cookie."

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