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A Mom Of Two Veggies

(post, Cheryl Miller)

Cooking has always been a pleasure to me. I came from an ethnic community, family of Italians and Russians, neighbors who were German, Polish, Asian, etc. I run a church camp kitchen. I can cook for two and two hundred. But this past year both my children ages 10 and 14 decided to take the vegetarian route. For my fourteen year old daughter satisfying her culinary needs has been easy. She's not picky, enjoys the basic staples that vegetarians should eat like beans, greens, and grains. My ten year old son is a different story. He still has issues with certain textures, doesn't like blended and chunky items like stew and soups, and isn't really a fan of beans. He does love herbs (except for cilantro) and is a huge fan of Italian food. 

I would like to know if any of you cooks also have similar dilemmas that are causing confusion in the kitchen. For me, it would be nice to not have to cook three separate meals in one night. So far the best meal our family enjoys together is make-it-yourself burritos. Although the ten year old prefers to have a quesadilla. And just so you all know, my husband and I enjoy meat along with the vegetarian items I cook. 

Happy cooking and eating, Cheryl