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Magic Crocky Pot

(post, Tracy Mathey)

My available time has been at a ridiculous low!  I spend two and a half hours a day just driving to and from work.  I do not always feel like making dinner when I get home along with other chores.  Even though I love to cook, sometimes I just eat a bowl of cereal or a bag of popcorn. Ha!  

I've used a crock pot in the past, but it has been awhile.  Last time I used my crock pot It did not function correctly, so I threw it away.  I just got a new VersaWare that I am anxious to try.  Crockpots have a poor reputation because of the recipes littered with frozen veggies, canned soups and other low quality ingredients.  I am in search of time, the ability to still have healthy meals and see this as a solution.

I adapt my favorite recipes to the magic pot and use fresh herbs and fragile vegetables at the end.  Today I am christening my new pot by making, Cassoulet with lamb, pork and veal... 

There is nothing more inviting and welcoming to me than, ahh yes, smells of a home cooked meal...