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Reaction to the garden

(article, Culinate staff)

We smiled at yesterday's announcement that the White House edible garden will soon be a reality.

Today, on the first day of spring, Michelle Obama and others broke ground for the one-acre garden, but as Ms. Obama can attest, building a garden is hard work.

As Kim O'Donnel writes in her Washington Post_ blog, news of the garden has been trickling out all week, and with the official announcement folks have become downright gleeful. 

Well, most folks at least. Over at Serious Eats they want the president to plant beets, one vegetable the White House says will not be included. (Commenters on the post seem to be siding with the President on this topic.) 

Meanwhile, Sam Fromartz, of the blog Chews Wise, wonders about keeping presidential sheep, in the tradition of Thomas Jefferson.