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Endive & Pear Salad

(recipe, Donia Clark)


This recipe comes from the January 1999 issue of Gourmet. As usual, I made a couple small changes. It makes a nice quick and light dinner when I come home from working late and don't feel like cooking and don't want to have something heavy when I have to go to bed soon after eating. This recipe is a nice mix of sweet and bitter. Listen to Elliot Smith's self-titled album while making.


  1. 3 Tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil (does any other kind of olive oil matter?)
  2. 1 Tbsp. white wine vinegar
  3. ½ tsp. salt
  4. 1 tsp. coarse ground black pepper
  5. 1 firm ripe pear
  6. 2 Belgian endives
  7. 1 small head of curly endive


  1. In a small bowl, whisk together olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper.
  2. Halve pear.
  3. Cut out core of pear halves.
  4. Thinly slice lengthwise.
  5. Slice Belgian endives crosswise.
  6. Chop curly endive into bite-size pieces.
  7. In a large bowl, toss greens with pear.
  8. Add vinaigrette to individual servings.