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Edible Seattle - A Farmers Version of OK! Magazine

(post, Patricia Eddy)

Seattle is a town in the middle of a Death of Print crisis.  

Craft Magazine closed it’s print side of the business.  The Rocky Mountain News gone.  A list of 10 papers that will either fold or go digital (oh, not my Boston Globe!)… so much going bad. 

But here I am, about to tell you about a magazine.

edibleSEATTLE is a magazine best summed up by its own byline:

    Celebrating the season bounty of Puget Sound

It’s part of a chain, for lack of something better to call it, of regional publications (check here to see if you have a local one) and, honestly, it is pretty good, if a little light on the content (or, at least, that’s how it feels to me). And I’m not just saying we like it because the awards are called the Eddy Awards.

The magazine was brought to Seattle by its current publisher, Alex Corcoran, when he discovered the magazine in Portland, and it fits here very well.  Recipes that are, by and large, in season and local.  Stories about local chefs and our fellow foodies.  Ads for businesses I actually like (as opposed to your standard glossy Yoplait ads). 

Speaking of ads, going back to what I said earlier, about the magazine feeling light? I bet the actually content to ad ratio will actually compare favorably to your standard issue of Cooking Light/Martha, so it does have that going for it. And, more importantly, the Seattle edition is local to you, and applicable to you. Sure, some of the recipes could be made fresh in New England just like they could here, but they have their own edition.

This current month has some great content, from links to a couple local seed vendors, a green chili pork recipe that is so going on the list of things to make, and a number of other recipes, including one for ‘cashew cheese’ that is both intriguing and…well… scary at the same time (and man do I hope it works with hazelnuts).

Plus there’s the event calendar.

Now that the magazine has switched to a bi-monthly schedule, I think it’s time for our house to subscribe (as opposed to our current method of buying it whenever we see it).

I strongly recommend checking out an issue, trying a few recipes and, as I am a paper geek (in addition to all the other things I geek out about), really enjoy the paper stock that they use. Beautiful feel, beautiful scent.