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St. Patties' Day Dinner

(post, Jen Richmond)

  Once a year, we indulge in a corned beef dinner. We'll be repenting for days, what with the high salt content, non-local beef, etc.- but this Irish festival must be given the nod (at least in MY house!). St. Pats' dinner is usually my brothers' party; but this year, he has decided not to host it. The neighbors are in mourning, for his home-brewed ale, root beer and barbecued corned beef are legendary. Yes, barbecued! The beef is first boiled in the traditional manner (with the addition of home-made ale), next it's given a glaze of brown sugar and good brown mustard; then onto the bbq it goes. When the glaze has browned and caramelized, it is done. Perfection! And served, of course, with the traditional red potatoes, cabbage, carrots, and soda bread. 
  Even though we are living in Hawaii, and even though I know that the Irish didn't traditionally actually EAT corned beef very often (couldn't afford to raise or eat beef), we will be getting the barbecue ready to go come Tuesday. Erin Go Bragh!