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(post, Tiffanie McCoy)

I think I have a mean streak when it comes to labeling jars. I have multitudes of spices and dried goods. Most of the spices are labeled, since I usually buy the first jar from Penzeys and they label them for me (I buy bagged spices from Penzeys after the first jar). But I'm lazy to label most everything else; I think I want to force people to learn to identify food. After all, isn't it obvious, the difference between turmeric and cinnamon? Coriander and cumin? Steel cut oats and couscous?

Yeah, I'm not nice.

Spending time with my older relatives, I realize they have little knowledge of so much I take for granted (what shallots are, for example). Faced with my array of jars, they're going to be intimidated and turned off.

My spring cleaning project is to label it all.