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A Clean Kitchen

(post, Tiffanie McCoy)

This week I've been thinking about how to clean my kitchen. I've always felt that a clean kitchen is important for psychological reasons -- it conveys competence and safety to your guests. Or maybe it's just my slight OC nature coming to the fore. :-)

My mother taught me to stay on top of the mess you make while cooking, to use those spare minutes while sauteing or baking to wash up the big dishes and wipe the counters. I'm still working on teaching this skill to my husband... especially when it comes to drips and crumbs. Drips are so much easier to wipe up when they're fresh. He is a rational guy, but forgetful.

Part of the reason I'm dwelling on it this week is that my in-laws are visiting, so my kitchen is not my own. Gives one a different perspective. I'm working through the counters, finding homes for the random items that accumulate (why do I have so many take-out chopsticks?), wiping up the elusive run-away crumbs. I need to label all of my dry-goods jars; I have a bunch of glass jars from Ikea I use for dried legumes, grains, and flours. I like seeing them out, it pushes me to use them more frequently.

What do you do to clean your kitchen? Do you have a system that everyone follows, or are you the master and commander and galley slave all in one?