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Gardens and Illegal Veggies

(post, Amelia Sides)

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I had a strange conversation at work last week. We were talking about what we had done that morning before work. I said I started planting my garden and moving plants back outside. She wanted to know what I had planted and such, but when I said I was planting potatoes, I got the weirdest look. "You can do that?" Where do people think that produce comes from, a cave? I explained I only grow baby potatoes since I am container growing, but you could grow real potatoes, yes. 

Has anyone seen the new stickers on apples and such that say it is illegal to propagate them, whether you sale the produce or not? If my potatoes start growing shoots I cut out the eyes and plant them, get a really good squash, save the seeds for next spring. How can they say it is illegal to grow vegetables? I try to avoid these labels because what if they have erradiated the seeds so they will not grow? What would that do to the rest of the fruit or vegetable?