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Comfort Food: Sauerkraut Soup

(post, Jon Clark)

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This post is dedicated to my family who love to eat strange, but delicious, foods.

This is an aftershock of Eta's lángos party in Heves, Hungary, and another sign of how I'm learning Hungarian food. The second dinner she served that night was a nice sauerkraut soup with sausage and frankfurter slices. It was time to make my own version. So I set of to the Mars tér farmer's market with my girlfriend Franny and bought a half kilo of sauerkraut from one of the wonderful vendors, of which there are at least three, who pickle things. I say things because their products can range from whole cabbages to slices of watermelon! I couldn't pass up the pickling onions or the sauerkraut-stuffed pickles. 

My family, as weird as we are, love two things: pickled foods and spicy foods. Growing up we would usually consume an entire jar of homemade pickles when we went to Grandma's house, and we'd probably have a sauerkraut roast for dinner too. Of course we would have other dishes that prepared me for a life in Hungary such as cabbage and potato soup, so sauerkraut soup is not a stretch where I come from.

Instead of posting an even longer description of the process I'll simply post my recipe:

[/user/chasqui/recipes/developedinhungary/sauerkraut_soup "Sauerkraut Soup"]

Jó étvágyat!