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Coffee Love

(book, Daniel Young)

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In Coffee Love, Daniel Young captures the special traditions and rituals of coffee-drinking cultures around the world, and shares 50 authentic recipes for soul-satisfying coffee drinks.

Discover unique espresso libations such as Caffè Marocchino, a mini cappuccino from Milan, or Tiramisù Coffee, an award-winning pick-me-up from Norway. Sample a zabaglione-layered Caffè Imperatore from Venice, an orange-infused Maria Theresia from Vienna, or a chocolate-laced Bicerin from Turin. And savor a genuine Turkish Coffee, a French Café au Lait, or a Mexican Café de Olla.

During the hot summer months, cool down with a Cold-Brewed Iced Coffee, a Coffee Milkshake, a Greek-Style Frappé, or a Vietnamese Iced Coffee. And to take any party to the next level, try an absinthe-spiked Slavia Macchiato from Prague, a flaming brandy Carajillo from Madrid, or a tequila-infused Espresso Platino from Los Angeles.

Throughout the book, Young's engaging profiles and evocative photographs bring the coffee experience to life. You'll visit fabled coffee shrines such as Café Sperl in Vienna, you'll meet Bologna's most accomplished barista, and you'll learn the secrets of the world's most distinctive coffee drinks. 

If you love coffee and want to explore many great ways to enjoy it, this book is your indispensable guide.