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Thoughts on fortune cookies

(post, Maggie Restivo)

Today I want to share my thoughts on fortune cookies. I think these vanilla flavored novelties are very under estimated.

Here is a little history on the fortune cookie: The fortune cookie as we know it today is definitely an American tradition. They are based on cookies from Japan that were given out at temples. Random fortunes called omikuji, were placed in between the fold of the cookie. There are many superstitions when it comes to eating fortune cookies. Some people claim that you must eat the whole cookie in order for the fortune to come true or, if the fortune is ill fated, that you cannot eat any of the cookie or the bad fortune will come true. 

On December 10, 2006 I ate at a Chinese restaurant. At the end of my meal I  picked up my fortune cookie and cracked it open. I wasn't expecting much, as most people do not have high expectations for the fortunes contained within their little vanilla cookie. That night my fortune read "A new relationship is about to blossom. You will be blessed." My lucky numbers were: 11, 25, 27, 40, 44, and 47. I still have the little slip of paper tucked away in a jewelry box. So, what made this fortune so special I felt the need to save it and sear the date into my brain. December 10, 2006 was the day that Sam, the love of my life, and I went on our first date. (He now works for the Chinese people who own the restaurant we visited that night. You can't make this stuff up!)

This is not the first time I have had a fortune that was worth saving. 

In late July of 2006, I was in Allentown, PA. I was on the road performing with Southwind Drum and Bugle Corps. We were a week away from championship week and I was preparing to compete in Solo and Ensemble competition. To be completely honest, I was preparing to drop out of the competition. I had no music or choreography and I had just found out that my dad was in the ICU of a hospital back home. We were given a laundry day and there was a Chinese restaurant near the laundry mat. After lunch, I received a fortune that read "You have the strength to overcome obstacles on your way to success." Motivated by my fortune, for the rest of the week I spent every extra second I had choreographing my solo. To great surprise, I took third place in the flag solo category. Needless to say I kept that fortune too!

Just last Sunday Sam and I got into a fiery argument. He would not admit he was wrong and I wouldn't let it go. Then, still angry at each other, he left to have lunch with friends. Both of us had cooled off by the time he arrived home. Before I could even get the words "I'm sorry" out of my mouth he handed me a little slip of paper that read "Never bring unhappy feelings into the home." He apologized for the fight and for leaving before things had been resolved. Now, he keeps that fortune in his car, to remind himself that home should always be someplace you want to be, someplace happy.

I know this seems like something from a movie script, but this scene does not have to be reserved solely for fiction. And I am not saying that we should go out of our way to make the fortune fit into our lives. What I am hoping is that more people appreciate the magical moment when, by total chance, the fortune fits wholly and completely into their life. When you do receive a fortune like that, I cannot imagine there will be many, save it.