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Chickem and Cranberries in a Brandy Cream Sauce

(post, Daryl Shute)

I went to Maxwell's, in Marysville Wa, again the other night.
I think the quality has definitely gone down and the prices have gone up.
It is not a "fancy" dining experience, but it now has fancy dining prices. 
If this keeps up I can forsee the place going out of business. 
I had the Chicken Nachatta, and is seems like they use cheap bagged pre-chopped onions and mushrooms. It used to have chunky chopped onion, and sliced mushrooms, but now they are all evenly sized chucks and very bland. 
The sauce was weak, as they also probably stopped using brandy in the cream sauce. 
At least I got to try it when it was good, and duplicated it before now. 
I wouldnt even had attempted it if it tasted like this the first time I ate it.
Anyway, please try my recipe and comment on it if you enjoyed it or the directions were not sufficient.
 - Daryl