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Desire came over me......

(post, michael richter)

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you know what it's like when you go through the pages of a magazine or cookbook and come across a really appealing piece of art(or food)in this case?
You get this craving about having it instantly and sometimes there's just no stopping at all......
So in this case:
Maybe it was the color combination,the empty feeling in my stomach or just the fact that I havent' cooked up a milk-rice pudding in a while.
Something has gotten the better of me.So-Rice is here,milk's in the fridge,raspberries in the freezer.Get set go.......

30 minutes later with the camera in one hand and a dessert spoon in the other it's time to say goodbye to the empty feeling in my stomach.

Delicious....still warm,littly sweetened with a scent of cinnamon and raspberries.

As for the recipe:Couldn't really be easier.
for 1 part of rice add 4 part of milk.Bring to a boil and simmer for about 5 minutes.Cover with a lit,stirring occasionally.
Meanwhile take a desired amount of frozen raspberries add little water and sugar and heat up gently.
The rice will be cooked after appr.20-30 minutes.
Fill in  a glass or dessert bowl top with raspberries and get ready to enjoy this simple,yet really delicious dessert.