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About Dancing Roots Farm

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Healthy Food Grown Locally

Our farm is on 10 beautiful acres above the Sandy River, adjacent to Dabney State Park. We are 18 miles east of Portland, south of I-84. To the locals, this area is known as Springdale.

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In addition to our fields, we have a few acres of woods, tons of blackberries, and lots of refuge for songbirds and wildlife.

We bought the farm in the fall of 2002 and spent most of 2003 fixing up the old farmhouse. The fields sat fallow for over 30 years, and now our plans call for creating an ecologically sound and productive working farm. Our vision includes orchards, year round produce, educational programs, a composting facility, and farm animals such as pigs, chickens, goats, ducks, and bees!

We use only ecologically sound practices, such as crop rotations, natural amendments, cover crops, drip irrigation, and providing habitat for beneficials; we use no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.


Small Farmers are a dying breed. We now comprise only about 1% of the general population and several years ago the Census Bureau removed this category off their list of occupations. We believe we need more small scale, locally owned farms.

So in addition to growing a wide variety of healthy, delicious produce we like to think that our farm is also growing New Farmers. We would never claim to know everything, but there are a few things we've learned over the years and are happy to share our experiences, operations, strategies and insights. We want very much to nurture and support those who are thinking of running their own small farm someday.

We are not taking any new apprentices for the 2009 season. Check out Tilth Producers of Washington or the National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service for other possibilities.


We have 4 volunteer openings for those who would like to work on the farm in exchange for a share. Volunteers are an integral part of the crew and commit to helping with the harvest one day per week, either Monday, Thursday or Friday. In addition to the produce we offer a fun day on a beautiful farm with stimulating and always interesting conversations!

Come Out and Visit!

At Dancing Roots Farm we have monthly work parties and an annual Harvest Festival in September. You are encouraged to come to as many as you can! 

There are projects for people of all ages and abilities. We especially love having kids come out to explore and experience the farm. Drinks and snacks are always provided. Wear your boots and plan to get dirty! 

Work Party Calendar

Our calendar is being finalized and will be posted soon!

Please check back...