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Banana Bread of Awesome is Replaced with Banana Bread of Ethereal

(post, Asta Schuette)

Wow, I just made a banana bread recipe from Smitten Kitchen that was awesome!  I added some flax seed (Yah, omega fatty acids!), left the bananas a bit chunky and used my muffin tin for speed.  They turned out so good I think I am going to have to replace my "Banana Bread of Awesome" recipe with this new recipe which will be christened "Banana Bread of Ethereal".   

What I like about Deb's site, Smitten Kitchen, is that she openly admits to what I think all of us do.  That is, hunting for the best two of three recipes, combining your favorite aspects of each, and then crossing your fingers in hopes that it turns out okay.  This methodology has about a 50% success rate, and when you are successful, boy, are you successful.  

So, get those brown spotted, oh, so sweet bananas together and whip up some banana bread of ethereal!
For the recipe at Smitten Kitchen: